Enslaved by R.C. Murphy


By : R.C. Murphy

Genre : Paranormal Romance

Enslaved Final Cover-sm

Enslaved had me from hello. What can I say? I am an R.C. Murphy fan! Her characters, Shayla and Deryck are so well written that they sucked me in heart and soul, not an easy feat for an author to do. The plot moved along at a nice pace and she never left you guessing about why something happened. You saw Shayla emerge from her shell of insecurity and self-doubt to become a strong heroine. When I started the book I thought Deryck was meant to be the savior. I was pleasantly surprised by the turn it took. One could easily get lost in the story and not realize what time it was. The one point I have to mat though, while this is a story about an Incubus, the sex was cleverly understated, that is until you got closer to the climax, no pun intended. Would I recommend this book? Absolutley! And I look forward to more from this budding author. She definitely has the talent to keep you coming back for more.


Author Bio:

Renee bio

Living in a madhouse gives a writer a lot of inspiration. Okay, R.C. Murphy doesn’t actually live in an asylum. It only feels that way on days that end with a “Y”.

Working out of her dungeon office, R.C spends her days wrangling vampires, soothing demons, and slaying zombies. All of that in a normal day. Abnormal days are things to be feared in the dungeon. They are usually followed by maniacal laughter and the sound of a knife being sharpened.



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