Review of Concrete Angel by Carly Anne Wallace

Concrete Angel

By ~ Carly Anne Wallace

Genre ~ Paranormal


Concrete Angel cover


~ Blurb ~

Ethereal is more than her name it will become her state of mind. After a sudden loss Ethereal is given a choice in her afterlife. Choices are all it takes sometimes to find the forgiveness to move on. However the things we learn through our choices may lead to bigger and better things, both inside and out.

~ Sandi’s Review ~

Concrete Angel is a haunting tale of domestic abuse.

Ethereal was a victim. Upon her death, she is given the unique opportunity to help other souls by easing their way to the afterworld. By day she remains a concrete angel, watching over the graves of the departed. When night falls, however, she emerges from her statue state and assists in cleansing souls to lead them to the afterlife.

This short story is written flawlessly. Be forewarned, you will need tissues

Thank you, Ms. Wallace, for showing us beauty where pain once existed.


~ About Carly ~



Carly Wallace is a woman with a dream, living in Texas where the sky is as endless as the heat. Carly pursues her dream of writing while bringing new and talented Indie authors to the front line. She reads and reviews independent books as well as writes promotional blurbs and marketing material. The Paranormal Book Club, Alchemy of Anne’s Anomalies, PDMI inc and Injected Ink Publishing comprise her literary family. Carly is an ally and great friend to some of the best independent authors and freshest voices of today.


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