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Welcome to a Vampire’s Camelot.

Hear the fanfare for a long lost Prince, one that never should have existed at all.

The sirens on the ambulance stopped as it pulled up behind the carriage. Two men climbed out of the cab and headed toward them. Jared held Giovanna’s limp form close. He kissed the top of her head, letting his tears fall on her blood streaked cheek.
One of the paramedics touched his shoulder. “Jared, I’m sorry man, but I have to do my job here. Don’t worry. I’ll take real good care of G for you. I won’t let anything happen to her.”
Jared lifted his eyes from Giovanna’s serene face, ready to shove the man away until he realized it was his brother. “You do, Tony, and it will be the last thing you ever do.” 
“Listen bro, let me and Carlos take care of her. I called Dad, and I’m sure he already notified everyone. We can’t leave her out in the open like this. You can trust me. I’ll make sure she gets where she has to go safely.” 
Jared watched, heartbroken as Tony lifted her from the carriage onto the waiting stretcher. True to his word, his brother was gentle and careful with her. When the ambulance pulled away, and he was left alone, he fell to his knees clutching her shawl in agony.
The tension in Jared’s body slowly faded with the memory. He couldn’t believe after all of this time it still affected him so much. Thank the gods above for the people who had shown him life was still worth living.
 The sun set well over an hour ago, but Jared hadn’t bothered turning on the fluorescent lights. The full moon gleamed off the polished hardwood through the floor length windows, illuminating the room. 
A shadow passed across the floor in front of him. Anyone else would assume it was an owl flying past the window or a cloud obscuring the moon. Except it moved too quickly. The untrained eye would have missed it, but not Jared. 

Jared listened. The weight of the silence in the room was deafening. He focused on the darkened corners of the room. There was a presence here, and it was definitely vampire. He could feel its aura. He possessed a sixth sense for them.
The creak of leather allowed him to pinpoint the location of his intruder. Jared slowly wrapped his fingers around the wooden staff resting on the floor before him and waited. 
Come to Papa, asshole.
The air in the room stirred. Jared smirked as a leather duster slid into view on the floor in front of him. His attacker was trying to throw him off. Did they honestly think he would fall for such a lame trick…again? He took nothing for what it seemed when dealing with vampires. No, Jared relied on his honed senses to keep his head on his shoulders when faced with a fight.
 A breeze brushed over his arms. He brought his weapon up on his left side, blocking his attacker’s strike. The wooden staffs cracked together. Jared swung around keeping their weapons locked together until he fell into a ready stance. 
The vampire backed up a step and twirled the staff at his side. He circled around slowly, just out of striking distance. Jared kept a wary eye trained on the male; the pointed end of his staff aimed at his assailant’s chest. 
Before he could blink, the vamp advanced and drove him back. Jared met each advancing blow with a block. He sensed the wall at his back and launched to the side, rolling away before he was cornered. He made a full sweep of the floor with his staff, catching his opponent’s foot and knocking him onto the ground. Taking advantage of the momentary lapse, Jared grabbed the other man’s weapon, breaking his hold and pinning him to the floor.
“Yield.” Jared towered over the vampire and leaned into the staff on his attacker’s neck. 
His assailant let out a raspy laugh. He grabbed Jared’s leg and pulled it out from under him. He landed on his ass. The staff clattered to the ground. The vamp spun away from him but not before giving Jared a knock on the back of the head with his staff. Snarling, Jared retrieved his weapon and prepared for the next attack.
“I’m too easy on you, Copil.” The vampire chuckled. “If you were one of the King’s men you’d be dust by now. You fight like an infant.”
God he hated the nickname – Copil. Zephyr had given it to him when he was a child, and unfortunately, it had stuck. It was funny. One Romanian word made him feel like the unsure gangly kid he had once been. One who couldn’t land any of his strikes correctly. He guessed his struggle to learn how to fight was why the vamp had decided to train him personally. He couldn’t think of any other reason.
“Go to hell, Z.”

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