Review and Promotional Requests


Request a Review or Promotion

We here at Romancing the Darkside will be happy to feature or review your book. It’s a great way to gain exposure and inform readers where your books can be found.

While we primarily are drawn to Paranormal and Fantasy genres, we do branch out to others. Below you will find a list of current genres we will read and review.

If you only wish to do a release blast or feature without a review we will gladly set up a date to accommodate you. This will cover ALL genres.

We are currently accepting review requests in the following genres:

Epic Fantasy
Paranormal Fantasy
Urban Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Paranormal Romance
Historical Romance
Historical Fiction
Young Adult
New Adult


If you request a review, expect an honest review and rating. Reviews from us are opinions, not book promotions.

We accept review requests from self-published authors, published authors, indie authors, small publishers, and major publishers.

When filling out the form below please include the following:

Book Title and Author
Blurb/ book synopsis
Relevant web links (Amazon page, author website, publisher page, etc)

We will look over the information about the book and author and contact you if we are interested in reviewing your book.

It usually will take me 1-2 months to read and review a book.


We take books in paperback or hardcover (including ARCs), audio cd, ebook in Kindle format, and PDF’s.

~Review Requirements~

In order for us to review your book, you must send a non-returnable book, audio CD, or e-book written/spoken in English for me to review. We will give our honest opinion in our posts.

If for some reason we are unable to finish your book for review, we will contact you with the reason. At no time will we post on our blog our reasons for not reading it. If we do not connect with the book, that doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy it. It just means it wasn’t for us.

If this happens, after we speak with you, we will post a promotion for it minus a review. This way you still have the exposure and can reach readers who will enjoy your book.

~Rating System~

We follow a typical 5 dragon format for rating.

• 5 of 5 dragons = We LOVED this book! A must read! Definitely a book to reread!
• 4 of 5 dragons = We really liked this book! A great read!
• 3 of 5 dragons = We liked the book but it was average.
• 2 of 5 dragons = We feel neutral. A fair read.
• 1 of 5 dragons = We did not like. This will not be in our library much longer.

~Where Reviews will be Published~

All reviews will be published in this blog, on our Facebook page and group, on, Barnes and, and
We will notify you with the links so that you can share the review on your social media.

~Promotions, Features and Interviews~

If you are interested in being featured, please contact us for more details.

These are a great way to connect with our readership. It gives them an inside look at you and your books. Please keep in mind once you are scheduled all of your promotional material, media kits and interview questions MUST be received by us no later than 1 week prior to your scheduled date.
Our reviews are copyrighted by RTDR&P. Any reproduction of their content must be credited to this site.


We participate in blog tours. Please keep that in mind. All blog tours, author interviews, and guest posts will receive priority over other book requests.

We will do our best to accommodate your book release if needed but if it conflicts will a previously scheduled event we will work with you to come up with an acceptable alternative.

Reading materials MUST be received AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR (preferably earlier) to the scheduled review date. If they are not received in time, a review may not be posted on the scheduled date.

~Post Format~

Each post will include the book cover, Author picture and “about me”, link to author website, link to purchase, book summary, and our personal thoughts about the book if it is a review.

~FTC Disclosure~

* We do NOT receive monetary compensation for our reviews. However, a book or e-book IS REQUIRED for us to host a promotion whether we review it or not. Any and all of thise are non-returnable. They become the property of RTDBR&P.
Thank you.




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